E-Journal Billfath merupakan wadah jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan secara online oleh lembaga di bawah naungan Universitas Billfath, yang berkedudukan di desa Siman, Kecamatan, Sekaran, Kabupaten Lamongan.


  • Jurnal Matematika dan Sains (JMS)

    Jurnal Matematika dan Sains (JMS) (E ISSN 2775-0671; P ISSN 2775-2631 )adalah jurnal yang memuat artikel yang berkaitan dengan hasil penelelitian Biologi, Matematika, Fisika, Kimia dan terapanya


  • Digitech Journal

    DIGITECH Journal is an open-access journal that undergoes a peer-review process. Its main objective is to disseminate the latest and original articles in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, and Electrical Engineering. The journal welcomes contributions from academics, researchers, and practitioners in various sub-fields of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, and Electrical Engineering. DIGITECH Journal is published periodically, providing a platform for sharing current research in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, and Electrical Engineering.

  • Karangan: Jurnal Bidang Kependidikan, Pembelajaran, dan Pengembangan

    KARANGAN Journal: Field of Education, Learning and Development is an electronic journal that focuses on scientific articles on educational issues in general, both in learning and the development of media, materials, and learning strategies. The KARANGAN Journal was published by the Billfath University Teaching and Education Faculty since March 2019. This journal is a forum for educational observers, both teachers, lecturers, and researchers to be able to contribute to the development of education in Indonesia and English. KARANGAN Journal: Education, Learning, and Development is published twice in one year with P-ISSN: 2656-1832 and E-ISSN:2715-9051.

    The submitted text has not been published anywhere, whether printed or electronic. The author must refer to the author's guidelines before submitting the manuscript. The manuscripts sent will then be evaluated and edited in the form of the format, terms used, and other applied styles.

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